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Quebec Is Moving To Ban Karaoke, The Bar Owners' Association Says

But the government hasn't publicly confirmed yet...
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Quebec City Bar Kirouac's COVID-19 Outbreak Is Now Linked To 50 Cases

Bad news for karaoke fans, good news for those who can't stand it: Quebec is expected to ban karaoke soon, a representative from La Corporation des Propriétaires de Bars, Brasseries et Tavernes du Québec (CPBBTQ) told MTL Blog.

CPBBTQ spokesperson Jean Jacques Beauchamp said the association's president, Renaud Poulin, was informed of the decision by government officials Thursday morning — and that the organization was not consulted beforehand.

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For some of us, [karaoke is] our biggest night in the week. It's an activity for people. It's good. And we're treated like criminals. 

Jean Jacques Beauchamp

This news comes on the heels of more than 50 COVID-19 cases being linked to a Quebec City karaoke bar called Kirouac.

Beauchamp said the karaoke ban is an additional factor that could contribute to the CPBBTQ's estimation that 500-600 Quebec bars will close at the hands of COVID-19, resulting in layoffs of up to 2,500 people. 

"What justification is there to ban karaoke? Before banning there are other possibilities," Beauchamp said, who suggested cleaning the microphone between singers or using a protective cover on the microphone.

Beauchamp, who owns La Chic Régal in Pointe-St-Charles, said the association doesn't know exactly when the ban will come into effect, "but it will come."

The government has yet to publicly confirm, though.

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