What You Need To Know About The Credit To Your Rogers & Fido Bill Following The Outage

After a service outage disrupted their customers' day on April 19, Rogers and Fido, its subsidiary, are offering a credit to those affected.

The company first indicated a deduction "[equivalent] to the wireless service charges" for the day would be applied to the next bill and then clarified how the credit would be calculated.

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How much will you get?

"Depending on the wireless plan you had on April 19, you will receive a credit equal to the cost of one day's service charge," Rogers explained in a statement.

The company added that if you have a discount, it will be for the amount before the balance that will be credited.

For prepaid customers, it's the same principle. A credit for one day's charges will be applied to the account.

Do you need to apply to get the credit?


You don't need to do anything other than wait for your credit to be applied on your May bill.

What caused the outage?

Roger explained that its "root cause" had to do with a "software update that affected a piece of equipment in the central part of [the Rogers] wireless network."

A Rogers spokesperson told MTL Blog that the outage was "intermittent" and nationwide.

"We know you depend on us and yesterday we let you down – for this we are truly sorry."