Quebecers Should Only Get Tested For COVID-19 If It's 'Advised,' Says Legault

The province is trying to speed up test analysis and results.
Quebecers Should Only Get Tested For COVID-19 If It's 'Advised,' Says Legault

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the province's public health care system is continuously updating its approach to testing for coronavirus in Quebec

In a press conference on October 1, Premier François Legault clarified that people should only get tested for COVID-19 if they've been exposed to at-risk situations. 

"It's important to get tested only when it's indicated . . . More or less, it's when we have symptoms or when we've been in contact with someone who has tested positive," said Legault.

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33,510 Tests performed on September 29 in Quebec

This could help speed up the process since, as Legault explained, there is a bottleneck in the laboratories, which is slowing down the analysis of tests. 

"The number of tests has increased significantly in the recent months. The majority of people who get tested have their results quickly, but there are people who have to wait several days. That is not acceptable," he said.

"We're currently increasing our capacity to analyze tests results more quickly and we ask people to get tested only if it is advised."

On October 1, the province reported 14 new deaths, which occurred between September 24 and 29, as well as 13 new hospitalizations overnight, for a total of 275 patients in hospital with COVID-19.

To find out where you can get tested, consult the government's website or call 1-877-644-4545. 

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