A Montreal Borough Is Spending Over $60K To Rent Snowmaking Machines This Winter

Here's what the borough has to say.
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Snowmaking Machines In Montreal Cost One Borough Over $60,000

Although it sounds like the plot of a Parks & Recreation episode, officials plan to spend over $60,000 to rent snowmaking machines in Montreal's Rosemont–La-Petite-Patrie borough this winter.

According to a document obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and shared with MTL Blog, borough officials contracted Snö Innovation Inc to carry out snowmaking operations at Père-Marquette, Joseph-Paré, Lafond and Pélican parks.

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Like paying for rain in Vancouver.

Renaud Brossard, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

"Making artificial snow this year has allowed us to keep families enjoying our four toboggan hills longer," the borough told MTL Blog. 

A spokesperson also explained that the borough has observed heightened enthusiasm for outdoor spaces and activities among its residents in the past year.

The snow-making operations are meant to permit winter activities from December 13 to March 7, according to the document.

"During the holidays, the hills were very busy and much appreciated by families looking for outdoor activities to do," the borough said.

"Moreover, despite the rain at Christmas, our citizens were able to slide the next day, which would not have been possible without artificial snow."

The borough further argued that blowing artificial snow in the parks "keeps the mounds in better condition between snowfalls and extends the sliding season for the enjoyment of the borough's children."

"Combined with our skating rinks and the loan of sports equipment, we, therefore, have a complete Nordic offer free of charge for the Rosepatrienne population."

The document shows that the total cost to rent the snow-making equipment is $63,027.21, including a maximum sum of $6,000 for fuel.

The borough said that two "levelling operations" bring the cost to $65,000.

The CTF, meanwhile, pointed to reports that Montreal surpassed its snow removal budget in years past.

"Spending $63,000 to make artificial snow in a city that has trouble respecting its snow removal budget just doesn’t make sense," Renaud Brossard, the CTF's Quebec director, said in a statement.

He likened the rental to "paying for rain in Vancouver."

"Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie residents will remember it the next time their mayor hikes their taxes."

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