Students At A Montreal School Planned A Walkout To Protest Quebec’s COVID-19 School Plan

An online petition says the government hasn't done enough to protect students.
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Students At Montreal's LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School Have Planned A Walkout

Students at Montreal's LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School planned a walkout to protest the government's health rules and protocols for schools.

A petition characterizes the rules as inadequate.

"Children are our future and it seems right now that they are NOT being protected or taken care of," the petition states.

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Why are we as the children being put at risk? petition

"The rules that the government have put in place have put children, staff (teachers, support workers, bus drivers, etc…) and family members at risk."

Claiming that some classrooms lack windows or "proper ventilation," the petition specifically calls for mandatory mask-wearing in classrooms and more opportunities for online learning. 

LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School Principal Jennifer Kurta told MTL Blog that the administration "will not interfere with students choosing to participate in peaceful demonstration," but is "encouraging [...] students to weigh their right to peaceful protest against the risks of amassing as a group [...] the same day that we enter Zone Red."

She also said the regional public health authority and CNESST inspected the school on August 25 and reported no rule infractions.

In a statement, the Lester B. Pearson School Board said it "would like to reassure students, teachers, staff, and parents that our schools are well maintained, well
ventilated and welcoming to ensure a healthy learning environment."

The student walkout was planned for 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 1.

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