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Montreal Queen Rita Baga Is In The Canada's Drag Race Finale & We're So Damn Proud

The finale is TONIGHT. ✨
Montreal Queen Rita Baga Is In The Canada's Drag Race Finale & We're So Damn Proud

Tonight marks the grand finale of the first-ever season of Canada's Drag Race. And yes, Our homegirl, Rita Baga made it all the way until the end. No matter what happens tonight, we couldn't be prouder of our queen... But we're pretty certain she's going to win!

The Canadian version of the popular Drag Race franchise premiered on July 2 and since then, has become extremely popular with drag fans around the world.

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It seems like just yesterday Rita Baga won the first week of the competition, making her the first-ever winner of Canada's Drag Race.

Since then, it's been an action-packed nine weeks of fashion, dancing, and, of course, sass.

And sass she did serve.

Rita may be known for a more stoic and composed demeanour, but the girl gets a word in when she needs to.

Not to mention the absolute shock and surprise when she lets loose on stage and becomes a completely different person. 

Especially when it comes down to a potential elimination. 

Although no queen ever wants to lip-sync for her life, getting the chance to prove to the judges and the competition that you're an absolute threat is always an opportunity to be taken.

Rita Baga was no exception.

In fact, I would dub her a lip-sync assassin.

Because for Rita, it's all about performing and the passion she has for the craft.

It's that exact craft that won her three challenges — the most of any queen this season.

Not to mention, she can go from campy to glamourous faster than a tongue pop. To the point where she had the judges gagged, honey.

Despite being fierce, Rita has a soft side, too.

She seemed to be one of the drag mothers of the group, especially when it came to a fellow-Montreal queen, Kiara.

Kiara even shared this photo on her story to congratulate her fellow Montreal queen on making it to the finale.

[rebelmouse-image 26883490 photo_credit="kikiwannakaikai | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="1125x2436"] kikiwannakaikai | Instagram

She can act. She can sing. She can serve a look. She can be campy or glamourous.

And she can be tough competition, yet soft and loving.

Is there anything she can't do?

Rita told MTL Blog, "Being part of the first edition of Canada’s Drag Race has been a dream come true. It made me surpass myself as a drag queen."

"Being one of the two French Canadian queen on the show, I felt I had to represent the French Canadian community and the city of Montreal and make them proud."

She's in the finale alongside her fellow-Queens and sisters, Priyanka and Scarlett Bobo.

Whatever the future holds for Miss Rita Baga, we know that she's going to do Montreal proud and will always be "True, North Strong and FIERCE!"

The grand finale will be available tonight on Crave at 9 p.m. ET.

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