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The Parti Québécois Wants To Apply Bill 101 To CEGEPs

The proposal was approved by 94% of members at a national council.
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In an effort to preserve the French language in Quebec, the Parti Québécois has given a stamp of approval to a proposal to apply Bill 101 to the province's colleges.

The proposal to impose French-language laws on Quebec’s college system was put forward by the PQ’s youth wing, the Comité national des jeunes du Parti Québécois (CNJPQ), and approved by 94% of party members at a national council meeting on April 18, according to a tweet from the party.

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The plan, should it ever be implemented, would require all francophone college students — and students who speak neither French nor English as a first language — to attend French institutions, according to La Presse.

“We see it every day: our national language is losing ground. In this sense, we are pleased to announce that the @CNJPQ’s proposal to apply Bill 101 to the college education system was adopted by 94%!” the party tweeted.

The CAQ government of Premier François Legault is already considering a number of steps to strengthen the province’s language laws, including limiting enrollment at English CEGEPs.

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