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These 6 Montreal-Made Lemonades Are The (Not Too) Sweet Treat You Need To Beat The Heat​

Sip sip hooray! 🍋

​Bottles of colourful flavoured lemonade from Je m'en fous. Right: A bright green matcha lemonade from Rose Café.

Bottles of colourful flavoured lemonade from Je m'en fous. Right: A bright green matcha lemonade from Rose Café.

When life gives you lemons, like this week's heat wave, make the most of it with some colourful Montreal lemonade. These thirst-quenching concoctions are not only perfect for a hot day but will surely impress your next picnic date.

Je m’en fous

Where: Order online and either get delivery or pick-up in Cartierville.

Reason to try: These lemonades are basically works of art that you can also drink. You can pick from four colourful flavours, including classic, lavender, strawberry, and hibiscus. Each bottle features a sprig of natural flavouring and pairs perfectly with the afternoon tea boxes that make for an ideal light (and beautiful) picnic.

Alice & Theo

Where: 3870, rue Wellington

Reason to try: It's always a good idea to swing by Alice & Theo for their pastries and artisanal ice cream, but now you have another reason. Their line of fruity lemonades includes pear, passion fruit, litchi, lavender, and passion fruit with matcha. The drinks aren't too sweet and feature all-natural ingredients.

Café Rose

Where: 26, rue Gounod

Reason to try: Pucker up for these refreshing rose and matcha-flavoured lemonades near Parc Jarry. More tangy than sweet, these drinks make a tasteful accessory to any photo you take at this highly Instagrammable café. There are roses lining the ceiling and the romantic swing bench is backed by bright flower wallpaper with eyes!

Caffe In Gamba

Where: 5263, avenue du Parc

Reason to try: This homemade raspberry lemonade goes well with any of the fruity Third Wave coffees available at the Mile End destination. Cold brew, matcha, and iced tea are also on the menu.

Mlle Catherine

Where: 423, Pl. Jacques-Cartier

Reason to try: You can get fresh-pressed lemonade, a strawberry slushie or frozen non-alcoholic piña colada from this ice cream spot in the Old Port. You might also want to pair a drink with their new sorbet made from fresh peaches!

Melk Café

Where: 5612, avenue Monkland

Reason to try: Monkland's Melk Café offers strawberry lemonade and a matcha vanilla lemonade, along with its popular caffeinated options. This spot is known for its ethically-sourced coffee beans and the lemonade gets the same organic treatment.

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