These Are The Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada This Year, According To Randstad

Hint: the list probably doesn't look at all like it did last year.
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These Are The Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada This Year, According To Randstad

Randstad Canada has revealed its list of "the most in-demand jobs" in Canada for 2021 and it definitely reflects the specific needs brought on by the pandemic.

"For job seekers, skills related to e-commerce, computer science, security and health care will be most in-demand," the company said in a press release.

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The pandemic has resulted in a permanent change in the way we work and where we work.

Dominic Lévesque, President, Randstad Canada

Its list of the "fastest-growing roles in 2021" is as follows:

  • "customer service representative

  • "delivery driver,

  • "retail essential worker,

  • "security analyst and architect,

  • "administrative assistant,

  • "purchasing and supply chain specialist,

  • "information technology and technical support specialist,

  • "warehouse worker,

  • "housekeeping attendant," and

  • "graduate nurse."

As for the "most demanded jobs for teleworking," remote workers might consider the following, according to Randstad:

  • "call center representative,

  • "administrative assistant,

  • "computer support service,

  • "HR administrator,

  • "IT consultant,

  • "data analyst,

  • "digital marketer,

  • "accountant,

  • "social media manager," and

  • "project manager."

Randstad also suggested that the shifts in employment we saw in 2020 might be sticking around.

"Resilience and agility are often referred to as two key competencies that go hand in hand, but in the context of COVID-19, 2020 has tested our resilience, while 2021 will truly test our agility," Dominic Lévesque, President of Randstad Canada, said in a statement.

"The changes and trends we will see in 2021 will be with us for a long time to come."

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