These Are The Top In-Demand Jobs In Canada For 2022, According To Randstad

A recent Randstad study found that nearly half of Canadian employees are considering switching jobs in 2022.

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These Are The Top In-Demand Jobs In Canada For 2022, According To Randstad

If you're struggling to figure out which field of work to go into right now, you may gain some insight from Randstad Canada's list of "15 top trending jobs in Canada in 2022" — in other words, jobs that are expected to be most in demand this year.

Randstad's report shows that the "steady gains in employment" Canadians saw in 2021 are expected to carry over into 2022.

But, it seems Canadians are now seeking different jobs than they had prior to the pandemic.

Randstad says that "industries with major growth include the service sector, technology and health care, but some of the best jobs in Canada for 2022 are those that can support businesses in multiple industries."

Here are the top trending jobs in Canada this year according to Randstad:

  1. key account manager
  2. developer
  3. marketing manager
  4. registered nurse
  5. driver
  6. customer service rep
  7. welder
  8. engineer
  9. accountant
  10. cloud architect
  11. HR manager
  12. electrician
  13. IT project manager
  14. mechanical engineer
  15. accounting clerk

A study from Randstad from December 2021 found that nearly half of Canadian employees are thinking of switching jobs in 2022 toward employers that can adapt to meet their needs.

Ever think of becoming a registered nurse? Now could be the time to get into the health sector. Randstad believes that due to the high demand for health care workers right now, there are likely to be many job openings in the field.

Or if you're more of a hands-on person who's interested in working with metal, you should note that within the next six years, "the Canadian government expects more than 23,000 welding positions to open in the country."

For anyone who considers themselves a people person, a role in HR management may be for you. Randstad says that "Canadian businesses are also looking to hire HR professionals to help ensure compliance with labour laws, increase employee morale, reduce turnover and scale up both staff and skills to support future growth."

Hopefully this list helped give you a little guidance as to where to plant your next seed in the Canadian job market!

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