This West Islander's Halloween Display Is An IRL 'Where's Waldo?' For A Good Cause

Such a creative way to stay red-zone safe while helping the SPCA!
This West Islander's Halloween Display Is An IRL 'Where's Waldo?' For A Good Cause

For the past 35 years of Montreal Halloweens, Charlotte Gibson has transformed her Dollard-des-Ormeaux home into an almost unrecognizable haven for ghosts, goblins and ghouls.

Five years ago, she began using the opportunity to collect donations for the SPCA West, a no-kill animal shelter.

For 2020, Gibson's exhibit — located at 153, rue Leslie — will still raise funds for the SPCA, which she said has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and "needs your help."

But she's also adapting to the pandemic by putting a unique Where's Waldo? spin on her usual festivities.

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What's the plan for this year?

SPCA Ouest | Facebook

Though her phantasmic display usually includes a maze with 13 to 16 rooms that trick-or-treaters can enjoy in person, Gibson said this year's event had to reflect our current reality.

"I came up with [the display] to enable families to make the most out of Halloween on their own terms, whether it be in person, while in their car or on the web," she said.

Here's how it works: You visit the Howlloween Facebook page to find a list of elements you'll be able to look for in front of her home that will be hidden in plain sight.

You can show up and look for them in person, or use the photos and videos posted to Facebook.

It's like a game of I Spy or like reading a Where's Waldo? book.

Candy will be given out to the first 350 trick-or-treaters, Gibson said.

How does this help the SPCA, a no-kill animal shelter?

SPCA Ouest | Facebook

It's no secret that Montreal's economy has been hit hard by the pandemic — and it's just as bad if not worse for non-profits.

"Since COVID, fundraising has been stopped in its tracks," Gibson told MTL Blog.

"We are hoping that the event will uplift people's spirits and provide them a way to pass on some positivity through making a voluntary donation to the SPCA West."

How can I get involved?

SPCA Ouest | Facebook

The provincial government has outlined that Halloween is only for kids this year, which means that parents can bring their kids to hunt for hidden items in Gibson's lawn decor.

If you're not a kid and you don't have any either, you can participate virtually via Facebook. Or hop on a FaceTime call with someone who's there in person.

Donations are voluntary, so you can donate to the SPCA West on its website.

Howlloween 2020

Price: By donation to the SPCA

When: October 31 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Address: 153, rue Leslie, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, H9A 1X2

Why You Need To Go: COVID-friendly family fun for a good cause!

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