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This Florist Brought The 'Flower Bubble' Trend To Montreal & It Has Major Fairytale Vibes

The bubbles are more durable than balloons, and the flowers last up to two years.
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This Florist Brought The 'Flower Bubble' Trend To Montreal & It Has Major Fairytale Vibes

Flowers — as gifts or home decor — can add beauty and magic to our lives, but they often disappoint us within a week or two when they inevitably die. And none of us need more disappointment in 2020. Iruda Atelier, a Griffintown flower shop run by florist Iruda Kim, solves that problem by making bouquets out of "premium dried flowers," which are designed to last up to 24 months. 

What's even more impressive is that Kim offers the option of putting the dried flowers in bubbles, which are unlike anything typically seen in Canada.

They're giving us major fairy-tale vibes. Remember Belle's enchanted glass-encased rose in Beauty and the Beast? Yeah. That.

Plus, you can also carry around them with you since the bubbles are more durable than typical balloons. 

Basically, this is what would happen if a balloon and a bouquet of flowers had a baby. And wouldn't that be the ultimate present or decoration?

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Kim said she learned the technique at a dried flower academy in Daejeon, South Korea. She told MTL Blog that preserved flowers have been a trend in South Korea for a few years.

Iruda Kim

"Since I moved to Montreal in 2016, I wanted to introduce a new style of flowers," she said.

iruda_flower | Instagram

The Flower Bubble is Iruda's exclusive new product, according to the website. The bubble is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and transparent. It says it will last more than two weeks.

iruda_flower | Instagram

Once the bubble loses air, the flowers are preserved so you can take them out and put them in a vase for up to two years.

Iruda Kim

Right now, Kim has a "Beloved Bubble" on which you can write your own label and a "Trick Or Treat! Halloween Bubble" as well as a variety of dried bouquets and arrangements.

iruda_flower | Instagram

There is also a "Fairy's Crystal Ball," a small "eternal" rose in a glass globe that can be hung like an ornament or place on a surface. 

iruda_flower | Instagram

Preserved flowers and reindeer moss can also be fastened to a Norwegian wood canvas as a wall decoration. The less direct sunlight, the longer Premium Dried Flowers will last. 

iruda_flower | Instagram

Iruda Atelier

Price: $15.00 - $149.00

Details: Dried flower bouquets & bubbles that last up to two years — a beautiful and unique trend straight from South Korea.

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