This Map Shows The Locations Of Montreal's 'Ghost Bikes' & The Need For Safer Roads

You may have seen them on one of your strolls or bike rides through the city. Striking, all-white " ghost bikes" marking the locations where cyclists have died following a car crash.

Vélo fantôme, the group that erects the haunting memorials, hopes they can "provoke reflection on the dangers of motorized vehicles."

A map on the group's website shows the location of each ghost bike in the city. There have been at least 13 in Montreal, plus one each on the South and North Shores.

The latest, at the corner of avenues du Parc and Mont-Royal, marks the location of a hit-and-run collision that killed cyclist Andrea Rovere on September 27, 2021. At the time of writing, the map doesn't yet reflect the installation of Rovere's ghost bike.

The bikes also call attention to a lack of secure bike infrastructure. Vélo fantôme says one ghost bike, for cyclist Mathilde Blais on rue Saint-Denis under the Viaduc des Carrières, was removed "following the installation of a device that could have prevented their death."