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montreal bike lanes

BIXI is becoming a year-round service in Montreal. The popular bike-sharing program will be available 365 days a year, starting with a pilot project in 2023. The usual end of the BIXI Montreal season is mid-November.

The pilot project will see 150 BIXI stations remain through the winter in a 100-square-kilometre area of the city "near the main routes of the bicycle network," especially the Réseau express vélo (REV) lanes, BIXI Montreal said in a press release.

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This Opinion article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it just depends on whom you ask. As a growing, changing city at the nexus of debates about identity and economic opportunity, Montreal is full of stirring, important citizen debate — and plenty of grumbles.

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Cycling advocacy group Vélo Fantôme, Montreal's ghost bike organization, is shaken by a recent collision that left a 66-year-old cyclist dead. The group's spokesperson Séverine Le Page tells MTL Blog that "more needs to be done" to protect cyclists in Montreal.

"The administration and the mayor need to work faster to bring better infrastructure for cyclists," Le Page said.

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For the past four years, Valérie Plante and her Projet Montréal party have led Montreal through police scandals, extreme weather events and a pandemic.

Now, with a mayoral election underway, Plante is fighting to keep her job.

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You may have seen them on one of your strolls or bike rides through the city. Striking, all-white " ghost bikes" marking the locations where cyclists have died following a car crash.

Vélo fantôme, the group that erects the haunting memorials, hopes they can "provoke reflection on the dangers of motorized vehicles."

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