This Montreal Depanneur Sells Chip Bags With Your Favourite Rappers On Them (PHOTOS)

Montreal depanneurs are known for having some unbelievably cool snacks, but Snack Town takes the cake.

These bags of chips this dep sells with your favourite rappers on the front may just be some of the coolest snacks you can get in the city — and you can even order them on UberEats!

So, don't just go to town. Go to Snack Town.

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You can get these bags of chips with some of your favourite rappers' faces on them, like Cardi B, Romeo Miller and Biggie Smalls.

Courtesy of Snack Town Longueuil

The chips, themselves, are actually really good. Flavours include cookout BBQ sauce, honey jalapeno and vegan maple BBQ.

Courtesy of Snack Town Longueuil

The best part is they're on UberEats. So you don't even have to leave the house to get them!


But you totally should check the spot out, too. Snack Town has four locations for Montrealers to visit: 1513, rue Cartier, Longueuil, QC, 3975, rue Rue Sainte-Catherine E., Montreal, QC, 6084, rue Laurendeau, Ville-Émard, QC or 9300, rue Lajeunesse, Ahunstic, QC.