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You're Running Out Of Time To Order Ice Cream Out Of A Bright Pink Camper Van In Montreal

A road trip for your taste buds!
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This Montreal Ice Cream Shop Serves Sweets Out Of A Bright Pink Camper Van

It's hard to believe eating ice cream could get any more fun, but it can! Try ordering it out of a bubble gum pink Volkswagen camper van and get a taste of life on the road. It's like taking a summer road trip — without leaving Montreal. 

The pink and white VW has been parked right in front of CA LEM Creamery's NDG location on Sherbrooke West since the beginning of summer.

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But cashiers only started taking orders from inside of it when the weather warmed, as a way of navigating COVID-19.

"At the beginning of the year, we had planned to use the pink bus for pop-up food festivals and large outdoors events," owner Stephanie Le said.

"However, with the pandemic cancelling all festivals and events, we decided that the best way was to use it in front of our store." 

The "bus service," as Le called it, pairs perfectly with CA LEM's bright, colourful swirls of soft-serve — blue, green, yellow, purple, orange — topped with sprinkles or rainbow gummies.

They also have unique flavours and toppings. For example, Black Sesame Coco Ash is literally black.

Each week, CA LEM reveals one new swirl flavour, which is a surprise until Wednesday morning.

Right now, there's Taro/Passionfruit swirl, Pear/Dulce de leche swirl, and the current weekly swirl: Cookie Monster, which is topped with oreo cookies and cookie dough.

Since the setting is as delectable as the ice cream itself, you can capture the perfect shot of your Insta-worthy dessert in front of an Insta-worthy backdrop.

But let's be honest... it's not so much for the gram, as it is for the sweet tooth.

If you're salivating already, and hungry for a visit to CA LEM NDG, you'll want to move quickly.

"If the warm weather permits, we will continue taking orders from the pink bus. If the weather is too cold, we will serve clients in the store," Le said.

Montreal evenings are forecast to start feeling like fall this week, and Le told MTL Blog that depending on the weather, this could be the last week for bus service.

But don't worry. That doesn't mean CA LEM is closing up shop for the season.

Le explained they'll simply move their cashiers into the store and people can order while respecting a lower customer capacity.

Either way, Le confirmed the shop will be open until the end of October.

If they move the cashiers inside, "the pink bus will remain on the lawn closed for anyone to visit and take pictures with." 

"We had a lot of fun serving from the bus. It looks super cute and it keeps everyone safe," Le said.

If you want to make the most of the last days of summer without leaving Montreal and you enjoy indulging in tasty treats, this feels like a win-win. 

It's only August and it's already been a long year. Treat yourself!

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