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This Montreal Metal Choir Slayed On America's Got Talent & Will Perform In A Metro Station

Keeping it underground. 🤘

Ten members of the choir perform on stage at America's Got Talent.

Ten members of the choir perform on stage at America's Got Talent.

Montreal's heavy metal choir is back from a trip to America's Got Talent and taking their underground vocals… well, underground. Growler's Choir, which calls itself the world's first and only heavy metal choir, is performing in Place-des-Arts metro on Tuesday.

Between 3 and 6 p.m., ten members of the group will perform an unreleased song in front of the station's large stained-glass window.

The performance is aptly sponsored by throat lozenge company Valda, which will film the show and broadcast it online.

Growler's Choir has been around for six years, combining metal and experimental music to create original tracks and cover well-known releases. The vocal ensemble was assembled by Montreal composer Pierre-Luc Senécal and gave their first performance — a rendition of "The Dayking" — in 2019.

There are currently 13 group members who experiment with vocal techniques borrowed from metal and throat singing. In June, most of them travelled south of the border to compete in America's Got Talent. They wowed the panel of judges with a fresh take on Britney Spears' "Toxic." While seemingly unsure at the start of their act, the crowd gave them an enthusiastic standing ovation at the end.

"It was so fantastically creepy, but I'm all for going over to the dark side occasionally," Judge Simon Cowell said of the performance, comparing the singers to a choir of demons. Sofia Vergara called them "spectacular and creative." The episode aired in August.

At the start of November, the group announced it was the musical force behind a new Rainbow Six video game trailer. With Growler's Choir making sonic waves outside of the usual concert venues, you're likely to hear their sound when you least expect it.

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