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This Montreal Restaurant Will Give You Free Coffee If You Get Off Your Ass & Go For A Walk

We're all in need of a little extra fresh air right now and one Montreal restaurant has found a way to motivate us into getting it.

"For your mental health," BarBara is offering free coffee to anyone who can prove that they've walked at least five kilometres that day, and there are free candles and Cacio e Pepe waiting for people who have moved their legs even more than that.

All you need to do is have any fitness app that can show much the time and date along with how you've much walked and present it to an employee when you get to the restaurant. You also need to follow the restaurant on Instagram.

This offer is valid until Wednesday, January 12 and "until supplies last."

Here are the rewards based on the distance you've moved as stated on the restaurant's Instagram post:

  • 5K walk -> You get any type of coffee in a regular size, pistachio latte included ;)
  • 10K walk -> You get any type of coffee in a regular size, pistachio latte included ;) and a pack of candles for home.
  • 15K walk -> You get a small Cacio e Pepe To-Go!
  • 20K+ walk -> We’ll discuss when you get here! ;)

"Barb’s says it’s probably going to motivate some people and prevent them from being too negative," the restaurant wrote.

Montreal is absolutely magical during the wintertime, so why not go admire it in all of its glory? And if not for the views, do it for the free coffee.

Grab your phone, put on your warmest jacket, scarf and hat, and get out there!

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