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This Montreal Sandwich Shop Gives The Classic French Baguette An African Twist

All of the sauces and spices used are homemade, too. 🌶
This Montreal Sandwich Shop Gives The Classic French Baguette An African Twist

Whether you're craving a sandwich in Montreal or just hungry for something different, you need to head over to Baguette Brochette for a taste of Côte d'Ivoire right on rue Saint-Denis.

This small, but mighty restaurant may catch your eye for the adorable elephant in the window, but it's the menu that'll make you stay and the people behind the counter that'll keep you coming back.

Opened in September 2019, the restaurant has quickly made its way not only to the top of hungry Montrealers' minds, but also to their hearts.

Check it out yourself to see what keeps people flocking to Baguette Brochette like a herd of elephants...

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Baguette Brochette makes Parisienne sandwiches with an African flair.

Baguette Brochette is the perfect blend of the classic French baguette sandwich and influences from Africa.

Owner Jad Ezzeddine, originally from Côte d'Ivoire, brought some of the flavours and memories of his homeland to his new home here in Montreal by bringing his version of African street food to the Plateau.

For Jad and his team, it's all about quality — everything from the spice blend to the special recipe for the bread that makes it extra soft and delicious.

Just six sandwiches, one sauce, some incredible sides and tasty treats from home; the BB team knows that you don't need to make a lot to have great food.

You just need to make it with love.

It's not just food. It's an authentic experience.

From the moment you step into Baguette Brochette, you can see that it's as much of an experience as it is a meal.

The photos on the wall were taken by Jad in his hometown and he even brought a piece of nostalgia with him to the restaurant: the glass Coca-Cola bottles that are everywhere in Africa.

Everything from the music to the memorabilia, as well as the overall vibe, is a piece of Africa here in the city that'll give you a sense of curiosity while simultaneously making you feel right at home.

Everyone who comes in is treated like family.

No matter if you're coming to BB for a sandwich, a bottle of water or even just to step inside to see what exactly the store on the corner with the elephant is, everyone is treated like the most important customer in the whole restaurant.

Even people who run in to use the washroom are offered a bofloto, an Ivorian sweet donut, to try.

"I've always been about the service, Jad told MTL Blog. "You don't need a big billboard on the highway to be famous. You just need good service."

It's no wonder the restaurant has a 4.8 rating from 351 reviews on Google.

Baguette Brochette

Address: 3800, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: For a sandwich experience like you've never had in your life.

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