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These Domes In Old Montreal Let You Nosh On Cheese Fondue Under The Stars

Dine at dome is the newest event to check out! 😍🍴

These Domes In Old Montreal Let You Nosh On Cheese Fondue Under The Stars

Who doesn't love cheese fondue? With Montreal restaurants officially re-opened, there's no better time than now to check out L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel's newest event with Dine At Dome taking place in Old Montreal.

The event, which first kicked off on February 17, is located on the L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel terrace, which has been transformed into an ethereal area with outdoor dome bubbles that allow you to dine under the stars. Uh, yes please.

"For the occasion, our terrace has been transformed into a warm and magical interior courtyard. It is the perfect atmosphere for an extraordinary evening with friends," the restaurant wrote on their Instagram page.

In collaboration with Dine at Dome, L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel is offering up Chef Marc Bolay's Swiss cheese fondue, which is a delectable dish you can never go wrong with.

The stunning set-up allows you to eat outside in the warmth in groups of two to eight people. You can enjoy your meal amongst gorgeous light fixtures and a Bluetooth speaker that permits you to set your own musical ambiance. The domes are also wheelchair accessible.

The fee to book a dome is $75, while the set menu is $85 per person. The mouth-watering menu includes a glass of bubbly upon arrival, a charcuterie platter and the fondue dish accompanied with bread and vegetables for dipping. You'll end your meal with a decadent pear dessert paired with almond ice cream and chocolate sauce. Mmm...

Reservations can be made on the Dime at Dome website, where time slots are currently available Tuesday through Saturday — and hurry quick, 'cause the event is booking up fast.

Dine At Dome at L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel

Price: $75 for the dome and $85 per person for the set menu

Address: 426, rue Saint-Gabriel, Montréal, QC

When: Time slots are still available in April

Why You Need To Go: Change things up at L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel's newest event, Dine at Dome. Their terrace has been transformed into a magical courtyard where you and seven other people can dine under the stars in a heated dome. The menu is centred around Chef Marc Bolay's Swiss fondue and is paired with a variety of delish items that'll make your evening one to remember.


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