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These 7 Montreal Mac 'n' Cheese Creations Will Have You Melting For Seconds

Cheese the day! 🧀

​A fork of mac 'n' cheese poutine. Right, A basket of mac 'n' cheese donuts.

A fork of mac 'n' cheese poutine. Right, A basket of mac 'n' cheese donuts.

KD may be the ultimate comfort food, but these Montreal restaurants are thinking outside the box and taking mac 'n' cheese to the next level.

From mac 'n' cheese poutine and wontons to donuts and croquettes, these cheesy takes on the classic dish will have you ordering seconds. Le Burger Week is even in on the action with its own mac 'n' cheese masterpiece. Check it out:

Mac 'n' Cheese Wontons

Where: Deville Dinerbar, 1425, rue Stanley

Price: $17

Reason to try it: These deep-fried dumplings are filled with scrumptious mac 'n' cheese, making them the perfect finger food at this retro diner-themed bar and restaurant. Served with a side of diablo marinara sauce, this salty snack has the perfect combo of crispy, crunchy and creamy textures.

Mac 'n' Cheese Burger

A mac 'n' cheese burger.

A mac 'n' cheese burger.

Courtesy of Le Burger Week.

Where: 3 Brasseurs, 7225, boulevard des Galeries d'Anjou

Price: $20.50

Reason to try it: This plant-based patty is topped with caramelized onions, melted smoked gouda and creamy homemade mac 'n' cheese on a toasted bun. Who needs a cheeseburger with bland American cheese, when you can have this mash-up of flavours instead?

Mac 'n' Cheese Donuts

Where: Rubs American BBQ, 699, boulevard Curé-Labelle

​Price: $10.50

Reason to try it: This Laval eatery has combined the shape perfection of a donut with the salty goodness of mac 'n' cheese. This appetizer is served with spicy tomato sauce and replicates the crunch of panko from homemade mac 'n' cheese with a five-cheese blend deep-fried to perfection.

Pogo Mac 'n' Cheese

Price: $20

Where: L'Gros Luxe, 150, rue Bernard Ouest

Reason to try it: If you can't decide if you want pogos or mac 'n' cheese, this dish has both comfort foods in one. L'Gros Luxe has a whole menu with fresh takes on the pasta dish, including duck mac 'n' cheese ($24) and the Mac Forestier ($20) that substitutes cheddar cheese for a creamy goat cheese sauce.

Deep-Fried Mac 'n' Cheese

Where: Black Strap BBQ, 4436, rue Wellington

Cost: $9

Reason to try it: These fried mac 'n' cheese bites are so popular that this Verdun eatery brought them back after a brief hiatus. Each serving comes with three deep-fried pieces of mac 'n' cheese that are about the size of a small fist. You're going to want to pair these with some of Black Strap's delectable BBQ and smoked meat.

Mac 'n' Cheese Poutine

Where: Jukebox Burgers, 11798, boulevard Salaberry

Price: $12.95

Reason to try it: This restaurant has tons of creative mac 'n' cheese options, like the cheesy hot dog ($12.95) and baked wedges ($10. 95), that feature Jukebox's homemade cheese sauce. The mac 'n' cheese poutine is a real highlight though with the special sauce mixed in with the traditional cheese curds and gravy on fries.


Where: 1620, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Price: $13.75

Reason to try: Mac 'n' cheese with a little crunch is always welcome and this resto has opted to add that texture with a classic snack. This dish features macaroni and cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and Ringolos. The crunchy corn rings kind of replicate the shape of macaroni, plus they add a smoky barbecue flavour to the dish.

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