This Montreal TikTok Makes Up Background Stories For Random People Spotted At McGill

Do you ever see people walking around and wonder about their lives? What they're thinking? Where they're going? It's hard not to .

With this in mind, the student behind the Fake People of McGill (@fakepeopleofmcgill) TikTok account took it upon themselves to answer such questions about people they spot around campus — and their assumptions about these individuals are absolutely hilarious.

When asked why they decided to create this account, the McGill student told MTL Blog, "I kept seeing fake people accounts for other schools and I was searching for a McGill account but eventually I got tired of waiting and just decided to make one myself!"


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"It's really easy for people to get stuck in their own life and thoughts so I hope that the page is a reminder that everyone around us has their own world and story happening too," they added.


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The account's most viewed TikTok so far, a video appearing to show a pair of students walking with a puppy, has racked up over 644K views — likely because of the wholesome puppy content.


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Whenever you need a good laugh, head on over to @fakepeopleofmcgill on TikTok.


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