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Time Out Market Montreal Is About To Get One Of The City's Tastiest Brunch Spots​

You'll soon be able to get some delicious brunch right in the heart of downtown.

Time Out Market Montreal Is About To Get One Of The City's Tastiest Brunch Spots

Being a brunch lover in Montreal is essentially a right of passage and if you know your brunch spots, you know that Le Passé Composé is one of the city's most loved spots for this

Travelling all the way to 1310, boulevard de Maisonneuve Est to get a taste of Le Passé Composé's delicious brunch menu can be a hassle if you live closer to the centre of downtown Montreal, but it won't be long before that problem is fixed!

Starting Thursday, September 30, Passé Composé will officially be joining Time Out Market Montreal.

A press release informed us that "Guests can expect all-day breakfast options seven days a week, including sweet and savoury tartines, Montreal bagels with gravlax, French toast fries, and their signature eggs Benedict topped with foie gras on brioche bread."

So, soon all you'll have to do is make your way to the Eaton Centre to try out Le Passé Composé's decadent menu.

Le Passé Composé At Time Out Market Montreal

Address: 705, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

When: Opening on Thursday, September 30

Check out the menu

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