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Time Out Market Montreal's Food Event This Month Lets You Try 4 Gourmet Dishes For $20

Four dishes for $20? Sign me up.

Time Out Market Montreal's Food Event This Month Lets You Try 4 Gourmet Dishes For $20

From now until the end of September, you can participate in this new Montreal food event and try four gourmet dishes for only $20 at any of the participating restaurants.

It's called "La Tournée Gourmande" and it's taking place for the first time at Time Out Market Montreal, where dozen of chefs' cooking will be featured.

The event will take place from September 19 at noon until September 26 at 6 p.m. The idea is simple: you buy a $20 ticket that gives you access to four $5 menus of your choice created especially for the occasion by the local restaurateurs.

It's important to note that these tickets are only available during the week of festivities in the food court, which includes restaurants such as Blossom, Tunnel Espresso, Red Tiger, Burger T, and many others.

You'll find everything from quick bites to more sophisticated dishes during this mini food fest. There will be lattes with little donuts, small bowls of ramen noodles, Tonkinese soups, tartar, and more.

 “La Tournée Gourmande”

Address: 705, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

When: September 19-26, 2021

Why You Need To Go: Getting to try four different dishes for the price of one sounds like reason enough to me!

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