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A Casting Agency Needs Quebecers For 2 Walmart Campaigns & It Pays $3,500

Here's what they're looking for.
Staff Writer
Walmart Needs Quebecers For 2 Campaigns & The Pay Is $3,500

If you are a frequent Walmart customer who meets the company's criteria, you can apply to be part of two campaigns organized by the Giraldeau Casting Agency and be paid $3,500.

All you need to do to apply is have a story to tell related to the superstore's "Freshness" and "Back-to-School" advertising campaigns.

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The "Freshness" campaign focuses on fresh food and quality ingredients and is aimed at food lovers. The "Back to School" campaign is for parents, students and teachers who need school supplies.

Your shopping experience anecdote related to these items must have "a clear problem and solution." They are looking for original, touching and/or funny stories.

Those interested in submitting their story are encouraged to write to for further details.

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