We Asked An AI Bot To List Things You Should Never Say To A Montrealer — Take Notes, People

I would never dare. 🤐

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The flags of Quebec and the City of Montreal.

The flags of Quebec and the City of Montreal.

After ChatGPT weighed in on Montreal's language situation and the local bagel debate, it was time to push it further into controversy and probe its understanding of Montrealers' peeves. We asked the AI bot, "what are the things you should never say to a Montrealer?" and the trendy software spit out four comments that would certainly earn their utterers some enemies.

Though the bot noted "it's not possible to anticipate every possible scenario or individual sensitivity," it identified four possible points of contention.

Its first suggestion returned to the controversial topic of language.

Specifically, ChatGPT says that you should never ask a Montrealer "why they speak French in Montreal" despite its location in English-predominant Canada.

"This comment," the bot explained, "ignores the historical and cultural significance of the French language in Quebec and can be seen as dismissive or disrespectful."

Next, it advises that you never bad-mouth the Montreal Canadiens.

No one will force you to scream "Go Habs Go!" but if you have any negative thoughts about Le Tricolore, perhaps you should keep them to yourself.

The third forbidden comment is evidently hurtful and dismissive: "Montreal is just a smaller, less important version of Toronto." Ouch.

ChatGPT knows that Montrealers "are proud of their city and its unique character," which distinguishes it from its rival in Ontario.

Lastly, the AI model insists on the fact that you should not mock or criticize the québécois accent.

"It's important to be respectful of people's language and accent, regardless of how it may sound to your ears."

Yes, French people from France, we're looking at you.

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Charlotte Hoareau
Contributing Writer
Charlotte Hoareau is a contributing writer for MTL Blog. She is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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