We Asked Locals 'What Is A Montreal Life Hack You're Aware Of?' & The Replies Are Genius

"Live in Laval, work in Montréal, say you’re a Montrealer."

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
People walking at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec.

People walking at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec.

If you were born and raised in Montreal, chances are you've come up with a life hack or two that makes Montreal living a bit smoother.

We asked locals "What's a Montreal life hack you are aware of?" and you bet that the replies came pouring in, some of which are lowkey genius.

From avoiding traffic and grocery shopping tips, all the way to the best of the best bus routes, Montrealers are proving to be more resourceful than you'd think. Here are some of our favourite responses that make cruising through the 514 a bit easier:

"Live in Laval, work in Montréal, say you’re a Montrealer."

"If you need to go somewhere fast, avoid the 40 at all costs."

"Know your way around by bus in case there is an interruption in the metro service."

"People will be polite as long as you are."

"It is cheaper to eat out than buy groceries."

"Drive the speed limit at the end of the month because the police haven’t reached the fine quotas."

"There are shopping indoor parking that only requires you to spend a minimum amount at their stores to park for a few hours free of charge."

"Don’t get married and settle down. There are too many gorgeous women to just be with one forever."

"Make sure you speak both French and English."

"The 51 bus cuts right across the city with great views."

"Using potholes as hot tubs after a warm summer rain."

"Spray paint penises on potholes. The city will fix them 2-3 days later max."

"Take the metro. Do your price match at maxi. Cheap pizza at Pizza Pizza."

And of course, there were a few sarcastic replies (at least we hope they're being sarcastic) that we couldn't help but include:

"Get on a plane and never come back."

"Avoid MTL Blog."

"Leave, and relocate!"

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Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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