We Asked 'What's The Most Montreal Pickup Line You've Heard?' & The Replies Are So Cringe

Have any of these worked on you before?

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
A couple walking in Montreal's Old Port.

A couple walking in Montreal's Old Port.

French is considered by some to be the most romantic language in the world, and while we love to French it up here in Quebec, it's safe to say that we may have left some of the romance behind when it comes to our questionable pickup lines.

We asked locals what some of the most Montreal pickup lines they've ever heard and the replies certainly didn't disappoint. Although a few of these might be able to land you a date successfully, most of them will likely land you in hot water.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

So, whether you're brushing up on your dating game, or simply need a good laugh, here are a handful of the best responses we received:

  • "Call me the orange line, 'cause I'd love to go down on you."
  • Ey, Barbie! Tu me fais dur en tabarnak."
  • "Wanna grab a steamy?"
  • "Hey! Are you a Habs fan? Because you're driving me crazy and I am addicted."
  • "Bagels…cream cheese…my place?"
  • "Do you know the way to the Old Port? I can use a beautiful guide."
  • "Do you have a little Italian in you? No? Would you like to?"
  • Kesspass ranceuse, j'tai vue tanto au turn up dmon boy et t'es fkg gyu patmentir."
  • "T'es down de meet?"
  • "Let's go to tam-tams!"
  • "Can I buy you a condo?"
  • "Dans le fond."
  • "Tu veux aller shisha?"
  • "Mon père est riche en tabarnak!"
  • "I love you more than my mom loves Céline Dion."
  • "Ayo le métro est en panne mais je suis proche de chez toi est ce que je pourrais dormir chez toi?"
Would any of these ever work for you?
Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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