What Are The Most Scenic Montreal Bus Routes? Redditors Revealed Their STM Favourites

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What Are The Most Scenic Montreal Bus Routes? Redditors Revealed Their STM Favourites

Though riding the bus on some of the city's more pot-holed streets might feel more like a glute and balancing exercise, plenty of Montreal bus routes offer some pretty scenic tours of the city. Perched above the street on their nest of drab multi-coloured upholstery, bus riders get prime people-peeping opportunities through the scratches, scuffs and scribbles on those wide windows.

Seemingly inspired by the possibilities, Reddit user eric_bousquet posted a call for Montrealers to share their favourite scenic bus routes. Transit romantics, take notes.

The top response, from u/not_a_toaster, is the STM's 211 bus. Travelling from the Sud-Ouest to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue along autoroute 20, Beaconsfield Boulevard and Lakeshore Drive, the 211 provides sweeping vistas of Lac Saint-Louis and quick views of some grand riverside homes.

Buses passing large houses are popular in the Reddit thread.

from montreal

"I've always liked the 66, because it goes [past] all the houses I’ll never be able to afford," u/carelesswhisperer23 wrote in a reply. u/FieldsOfJoy also recommended the 124, which passes through Westmount, Côte-de-Neiges and the Town of Mont-Royal.

Then of course there are two buses that cross the mountain: the 711 and 11. u/Kinperor added that the 11 passes the home of the city's police horses. "There's also the SPVM's stable where they keep horses, it used to be one of the highlights of commute on the 11."

u/elzadra1 suggested the 51, which they call "one of the city's longest and most varied routes." It might be the best option for streetscape lovers. The bus passes between Laurier metro station and Montréal-Ouest commuter train station by way of boulevard Saint-Joseph, Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Queen-Mary and the Loyola neighbourhood of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

There are dozens more scenic bus suggestions on the original Reddit post.

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