Which Montreal Metro Station Is Worst? Redditors Voted & 1 Spot Definitely Stood Out

The replies didn't hold back!

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A Montreal metro sign during the wintertime.

A Montreal metro sign during the wintertime.

With four lines and 68 stations, the Montreal metro has a pretty good rep, and rightfully so, considering it's one of the best public transit systems in North America. Now, while the metro gets you where you need to be in decent time, things aren't always smooth sailing.

Whether it's too hot, too crowded or too dirty, there are a few Montreal metro stations that have certainly rubbed many Montrealers the wrong way.

A post by Reddit user u/jojoleft13__ asked what the worst Montreal metro station was and folks didn't hold back.

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Stations such as Bonaventure, L'Assomption, Fabre and Charlevoix all got less than favourable mentions, with many commenting on how they don't smell the best and are often too "dark and grim."

But, there was one station that got the most heat: Guy-Concordia.

One user said "Guy-Concordia is always the one where I see people on the tracks and such," while others described it as an overall "weird place." Considering it's the second most visited station, it's no shock "weird" things go down.

Another commented on how it gives off New York City vibes (not in a good way) and is "the only metro where they've seen rats," and others agreed. "Yes, every time I take the metro from Guy-Concordia I see rats and disgusting insects."

Guy-Concordia metro is also regarded as one of the warmest stations, which is only worse during the wintertime. "I can’t stand the humidity in Guy-Concordia," one person wrote. Same...

Issues involving vandalism, public urination and drug inquiries are also among the many reasons Montrealers aren't the biggest fans of Guy-Concordia.

"A man asked me if I had crack [at Guy-Concordia]," one person wrote. "It wasn't scary, just surprising."

So, which metro station is your least favourite?


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