You Can Reload Your Montreal OPUS Card On Your Phone If You Sign Up For This Experiment

Will Montrealers FINALLY be able to skip those long lines??

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You Can Reload Your Montreal OPUS Card On Your Phone If You Sign Up For This Experiment

A few lucky Montreal-area residents will be able to test refilling their OPUS cards from their phones this fall and winter.

"During the experiment, which will run from September 14 to December 31, 2021, citizens will be invited to try out and comment on a function under development for reloading the OPUS card from a smartphone," the metro area's transit authority, the ARTM, said in a press release.

"Eventually," it continues, "this innovative and user-friendly feature will allow public transit users to consult the contents of their OPUS card, purchase tickets and add them to the card in a few moments from their smartphone."

The pre-pandemic monthly struggle of waiting in long lines to refill your OPUS card is all too familiar to Montreal transit riders.

We dare say there is NOTHING worse than forgetting to renew your monthly fare ahead of time and only realizing your mistake when you're late for work and come across the long line in your metro station.

STM, RTL, STL and exo riders can apply to participate in the experiment online. The lucky chosen ones will also have a chance to win one of five $100 prizes.

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