Netflix Canada Is Getting A New Black Mirror Season With An A-List Cast

Think dystopian satire with Michael Cera, Salma Hayek, Josh Hartnett and Annie Murphy, among others. ✨

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​The opening Netflix credit. Right: Annie Murphy in the new season of Black Mirror.

The opening Netflix credit. Right: Annie Murphy in the new season of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror is returning to Netflix Canada after a four-year break. The dark, satirical TV series has gained a cult following for its thought-provoking and unsettling look at human nature and our relationship with technology. The new season, set to premiere in June, promises to be the most unexpected yet, with an absolutely star-studded cast.

"I’ve always felt that Black Mirror should feature stories that are entirely distinct from one another, and keep surprising people — and myself — or else what’s the point? It should be a series that can’t be easily defined, and can keep reinventing itself," said show creator Charlie Brooker, who took a break from writing during the pandemic.

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Now that viewers have had a bit of time to "heal," Brooker is bringing the anthology back. Actors like Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, Michael Cera, Salma Hayek Pinault, Anjana Vasan, Annie Murphy, Rory Culkin and Josh Hartnett will bring his stories to life.

"I can’t wait for people to binge their way through it all and hope they enjoy it — especially the bits they shouldn’t," said Brooker.

With an ever-increasing reliance on AI and the popularity of ChatGPT and Lensa, the return of Black Mirror couldn't come at a better time.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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