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Quebec Weather Forecasts Warn Of Possible Severe Thunderstorms With Hail In Some Areas

Areas to the north and west of Montreal, including Gatineau, are under a severe thunderstorm watch.

The Quebec flag against a stormy sky.

The Quebec flag against a stormy sky.

Areas to the north and west of Montreal are under a storm watch as Quebec weather forecasts warn of possible severe thunderstorms Sunday.

According to Environment Canada, such storms could bring "nickel size" hail and 90 km/h winds gusts to Gatineau. Other parts of the Outaouais region, including Pontiac, and the Laurentians region, including Mont-Tremblant, are covered by the federal agency's storm watch.

Quebec areas under a severe thunderstorm watch.Quebec areas under a severe thunderstorm watch.Environment Canada

According to The Weather Network, the potential storms are thanks to a low-pressure system sweeping across southern Ontario and western Quebec.

If you're in Montreal Sunday afternoon, you've likely already heard the thunder. Environment Canada says thunderstorms could persist in the city until early morning Monday, but as of the time of writing, the city is not under threat of severe weather.

The rain could also last until after 5 a.m. Monday.

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