Here's The Quebec Weather Forecast For Every Month Of Summer 2022

A mix of thunderstorm, fair skies, and humidity is on the way!

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People walking on Crescent Street in Montreal, Quebec.

People walking on Crescent Street in Montreal, Quebec.

The Quebec weather has been relatively kind to us this past spring, and while we've encountered hot and humid days, it seems as if the weather is looking up this summer... sort of.

The Farmer's Almanac published its 2022 weather predictions for the Quebec region this summer, and it's safe to say we're in for quite a mix of temperatures.

With June coming in very hot and wet (get your mind out of the gutter), it seems as if Quebec will experience an array of thunderstorms, fair skies, and some pretty humid days during the July, August, and September months.

As the month of July approaches, Quebecers can expect nice weather just in time for any Canada Day festivities. However, the end of the first week will bring some cold fronts and rainy humid days.

The Farmer's Almanac predicts that "sharp cold front ushers a line of potent showers, thunderstorms, followed by clearing, breezy, less humid weather," for the Quebec region.

Windy and wet weather is expected to remain for the first half of the month before finally getting some "fair" and "pleasant" days between June 12 and June 15.

Quebec may see more thunderstorms around June 19, which will be followed by "mostly fair weather" up until June 23.

As for the remainder of the month, Quebec might see some more showers followed by fair skies and a mix of sun and clouds.

While June and July are both looking to be wet months, August is bringing us the summer we all really want.

"Fair weather" is expected during the first few days of August, the Farmer's Almanac stated.

While the eastern region might endure some unsettling and rainy days, Quebec will become "fair and windy," come the second week of August.

Quebec residents can then expect a "pleasant spell of weather," come August 16 to August 19, and who doesn't love themselves a "pleasant spell of weather," right?

The rest of August will be quite fair with a chance of thunderstorms between August 28 to August 31.

When September rolls around, Quebec will see a mix of fair and rainy days. However, when it comes to Labour Day weekend, Quebecers will be happy to know that "fair" and "pleasant" days are expected.

Thunderstorms will then sweep in through the Quebec region followed by clear skies between September 8 to September 11.

While temperatures will stay warm, the end of the summer season will bring about "fair skies," before Quebec officially enters autumn and says goodbye to summer for good.

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