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Carey Price Says He's Been In 'A Very Dark Place' & Got Treatment For Substance Abuse

He said he's not sure when he'll be ready to "return to play."

Carey Price Says He's Been In 'A Very Dark Place' & Got Treatment For Substance Abuse

About a month after stepping away from the Montreal Canadiens for a leave of absence, and a day after rejoining the team, beloved Habs goalie Carey Price has released a statement about his mental health and substance use struggles.

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, Price revealed that he has been in a treatment facility for substance use. He also said he's been in a "very dark place" after years of neglecting his mental health.

"I didn't have the tools to cope with that struggle [...] Things had reached a point that I realized I needed to prioritize my health for both myself and for my family. Asking for help when you need it is what we encourage our kids to do, and it was what I needed to do," he said. "All I can do is take it day by day."

On November 5, Habs coach Dominique Ducharme confirmed that Price would be rejoining the team, stating that he would be meeting with athletic therapists to "develop a plan moving forward."

But fans shouldn't expect to see him on the ice any time soon. Price said that, at the moment, he isn't sure when he'll be ready to return to playing hockey.

Price was met with an outpouring of well wishes and support when he announced he would be joining the NHL's Player Assistance Program in early October, and Price used the Instagram post as an opportunity to express his gratitude.

"I appreciate the overwhelming support and well wishes," he said. "Your support and respect of this so far has been a critical piece to my recovery."

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