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quebec tax return

It's past time to calculate taxes in Canada, but not all of us get stuff done on time! As sluggish taxpayers begin to navigate the tricky web of information out there, they'll have multiple factors to consider to ensure their tax return is complete and that they're maximizing their deductions and opportunities to earn those sweet refundable tax credits — even if they're a bit late.

It's even trickier for Quebecers, who, unlike most Canadians, have to file two separate returns.

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Quebecers have to file two tax returns: one with the Canada Revenue Agency and one with Revenu Québec. It's been that way for almost 60 years. Now, Québec solidaire (QS) is renewing the call to consolidate them into a single return.

The leftist party argues that such a move would simplify things for taxpayers and potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars in government revenue.

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If there are two things most people dislike, it's taxes and paperwork. Thank goodness for accountants, right? But in order to be a good client (or file your taxes yourselves), you're going to need to round up all the necessary forms and receipts that make filing your 2021 taxes possible. Quebecers have to make extra sure they have what they need for both the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec.

Here are some of the tax documents, forms and receipts you might need for your 2021 taxes.

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Quebec is the only province where residents get to experience the immense joy of filing two tax returns. What might seem like a small annual irritant is the product of decades of haggling over provincial and federal government powers.

The current situation represents a kind of stalemate. No one — not taxpayers, not the provincial government, not the federal parties — are particularly happy about it.

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