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Quebec Will Give $500 To Every Adult Making $100,000/Year Or Less

Revenu Québec might be sending you some money.

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Quebec flag waving against a blue sky.

Quebec flag waving against a blue sky.

Quebec is set to give $500 to adult residents with an income of $100,000/year or less. The government says 6.4 million people will benefit from the payment, which will be made automatically through Revenu Québec.

The announcement is part of Quebec's 2022-23 budget presented by Finance Minister Eric Girard in late March.

In a press release, the government said the payment is meant to help offset the effect of record inflation driven by rising food, gas and housing costs.

In a statement, Girard said the measure is possible thanks to the province's economic bounceback.

"The remarkable performance of our economy is reflected in our budgetary situation, which continues to improve, allowing us to help Quebecers cope with the significant increase in the cost of living observed in recent months by providing them with a quick one-time payment."

The payment also comes ahead of the October 2022 provincial election.

The $500 is in addition to payments that went out in January to households that qualified for the solidarity tax credit. Eligible residents got between $275 (for people living alone) and $400 (for couples).

The Legault government has not acted on calls from the opposition Liberal Party (PLQ) to freeze Hydro-Québec rates and suspend the sales tax on some basic necessities, such as toothbrushes, as well as Hydro bills.

The premier has promised, however, to prevent electricity rate increases of "4 or 5%" in 2023 to match inflation.

If Hydro prices are projected to jump that high, he said in a March 15 Facebook post, "we will find a way to compensate you."

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