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The Sunwing Party Flight Bro Slammed Airlines For 'Abandoning' Influencers In Mexico

James William Awad said he intends to take legal action.

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The Sunwing Party Flight Bro Slammed Airlines For ‘Abandoning’ Influencers In Mexico

Remember the Sunwing party flight drama? Well, the trip may be over, but the media frenzy definitely isn't. On Thursday, January 27, James William Awad, founder of 111 Private Club, held a press conference to address the questions that have been on people's minds — and to slam certain airlines.

The party flight organizer started the conference by calling out Sunwing, Air Transat and Air Canada for "abandoning" 154 Quebecers in Mexico. The contract promised a flight back, Awad said, which some influencers were not given in the end.

He believes it should be "illegal" for these three airlines to have "put everyone in the same boat" for the actions that he claimed only a select few committed.

Viral videos showed people vaping and drinking alcohol from outside bottles on the plane circulated the internet. Awad claimed these videos made it look like there was a party for three to four hours, but such only lasted "five to ten minutes."

Awad said he intends to pursue legal action against these airlines and is "looking at options" of how to proceed.

In a past tweet, Awad called critics of the trip "sheep," saying, "Reality of the story, sheeps are mad because people partied on a private chartered plane where partying was allowed. Wake up!!"

This time, during the conference, the 111 Private Club founder apologized for the people who chose to break the rules on the plane.

"Everyone deserves a second chance," he said

And naturally, Awad didn't miss a chance for promo, saying that registration for 111 Private Club opens on February 1, 2022.

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