Air Transat Won't Let Quebec Influencers Who Partied On Cancun Flight Come Back With Them

Maybe they can hire a party bus to get back home?

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Air Transat Won't Let Quebec Influencers Who Partied On Cancun Flight Come Back With Them

A group of partying Quebec influencers that were on a private Sunwing flight to Cancun are having a hard time getting back it seems. After Sunwing cancelled their return flight, another Canadian airline, Air Transat, has also refused to put them on a flight back to the province.

"We are aware of the situation regarding disruptive passengers who have traveled to Cancun and are now attempting to return to Canada on our flights," the airline said in a tweet. "We confirm that they will be denied boarding based on our legal and regulatory obligations to ensure the safety of both our passengers and crew, which is our top priority."

The group of influencers was reportedly caught on video smoking, drinking and partying on a Sunwing flight to Cancun, Mexico, on December 30. Members of the group were not wearing masks.

Identified as Quebec-based influencers and reality show stars by the Journal de Montréal, the group's actions were deemed "unacceptable" by Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra. The partiers could face fines of up to $5,000 per offence committed if Transport Canada regulations were found to have been broken.

Additionally, if found guilty of "providing false information to a Government of Canada official upon entry to Canada" the government warned travellers could face fines of up to $750,000 and/or six months in jail. It also warned that anyone found guilty of "endangering the lives of others and causing harm" could be fined up to $1 million as well as face prison time.

As it stands, Sunwing and Air Transat are the only airlines that have denied the group a return flight.

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