The Sunwing Party Flight Organizer Put Out A Message & Says He Learned From The Experience

James William Awad said he understands why people are upset.

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The Sunwing Party Flight Organizer Put Out A Message & Says He Learned From The Experience

James William Awad, who operates 111 Private Club — the infamous group that organized the Quebec influencers' Sunwing party flight — released a public statement about the whole fiasco on Thursday morning.

His statement begins by thanking everyone for their patience, stating, "I understand why many fellow citizens are upset about the current situation. As someone who enjoys bringing people together, I committed to hosting a private and safe event in Cancun with my group from the 111 Private Club."

Awad said he met with a Sunwing security representative on January 4 to discuss a list of 10 conditions for the group's return flight home. He claimed to agree to them all except for one: requiring an in-flight meal.

"We couldn't conclude an agreement because Sunwing refused to provide meals to the group for a 5h flight," the statement reads.

Sunwing said it's launching an investigation and cancelled the flight of the passengers concerned. Air Transat and Air Canada have both refused to let the partying travellers on flights back home with their airlines.

Despite this, Awad wrote, "The 111 Private Club is working tirelessly to get everyone back home safely as quickly as we can."

He also added, "The 111 Private Club is a dream and a vision that I poured my heart and soul into creating. This was my first travel event. I have significantly learned, and I am still learning from this experience. Learning from them is what makes the difference."

His tune has changed since Tuesday, when Awad tweeted that "The 111 Private Club respected all instructions given by Sunwing."

"Alcohol was sold to my group throughout the whole flight," he continued. "My group is A1."

The next day, as the party flight began to make tons of headlines, even getting noticed by TMZ, Awad began speaking to the public in a different manner.

On Wednesday afternoon, he tweeted, "I take this matter very seriously. A simple party on a plane did all this buzz."

In a statement, Transport Canada warned that the people on the Sunwing party flight risk fines of up to $5,000 per offence if they're found to have committed them.

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