You Can Double Your Vacation Time In 2023, If You Pick The Right Days Off — Here's How

Quebec holidays conveniently fall on Fridays and Mondays.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
A plane takes off from Montreal's airport.​

A plane takes off from Montreal's airport.

A new year just started and you've likely returned to work after a relaxing holiday break… which means you're probably already checking the calendar and ready to plan your next vacation. The good news is, if you're savvy, you can maximize your time off this year.

There are nine statutory holidays in Quebec that entitle workers to a day off (or a day in lieu if they end up working). Many of them fall on Fridays and Mondays, which means a few well-chosen days off can actually double your downtime:

April: Take off four days and get ten days

Take off the four days leading up to April 15, so your vacation lasts over a week. You'll already have Good Friday and Easter Monday off, so with two additional weekends you've got a healthy 10-day break.

May: Take off four days and get nine days

Journée nationale des Patriotes falls on May 23, which is a Monday. If you take off the four days that finish out that week (May 24 - 27), you can enjoy nine days of uninterrupted time off.

June: Take off eight days and get 16 days

St-Jean and Canada Day both fall on Fridays in 2023, so if you take off eight days, from June 20 to 23 and June 27 to 30, you can get a whopping 16-day vacation.

Alternatively, if you can only afford to take the first block of four days off, it will grant you a nine-day break, followed by a four-day workweek and long weekend, which is still pretty sweet.

September: Take four days off and get nine days

Labour Day falls on September 4 — a Monday —which means taking the 5th to the 8th off work will give you a solid nine-day holiday.

October: Take four days off and get nine days

Thanksgiving Day is on October 9 this year, the second Monday of the month, so taking off October 10 to 14 would mean you have a nine-day break.

December: Take off four days and get ten days

If you take off the four workdays between Christmas and New Year’s, you’ll have 10 days off in a row. Federal workers have fewer days to take off during the same period, since they already don't work on Boxing Day (Dec. 26).

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an Associate Editor for MTL Blog focused on gas prices in Montreal and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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