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6 “Secret” Nude Beaches You Can Go To With Your Friends Near Montreal

Your clothing is most certainly optional.
6 “Secret” Nude Beaches You Can Go To With Your Friends Near Montreal

A little while back I was talking about nude beaches and I was convinced that there was only one place where being naked outside was acceptable.

But it turns out I was wrong.

There are actually 6 beaches in Quebec where nudity is tolerated.

I say "tolerated" because there are no officially recognized nude beaches in the province, but there are 6 spots that have secluded areas where nudity is accepted.

So if you've been dying to get rid of your tan lines or you've just always wanted to head over to nude beach but never knew where to look, we got you covered.



Located near the Oka Park, a section of Oka beach is the most popular nudist beach in Quebec. Actually up until a few weeks ago, we thought it was the only one. There are volleyball courts, public bathrooms, showers, picnic areas and even a bistro.


Plage du Lac Simon


At this beach, there is an understanding between clothing enthusiasts and nudists. Nudity is tolerated if you're swimming or on a boat, but on the beach itself the patrols may ask you to cover up. They are also more tolerant early in the morning and late at night.


Rivière Palmer


As you arrive you'll notice a camp ground, keep driving until you reach the 2nd campground called "Le Camping De La Plage". There is a pathway near the front office of the campground that leads to small nude beach nearby.


Plage du Parc de la Pointe-Taillon

Lac St-Jean

Take a walk or a bike ride down the long bike path nearby. Follow the sign for "Les Migrateurs", you'll find an intersection with a yellow and brown sign, turn left. Follow the signs that indicate "lake access". You'll eventually reach a couple of stone walls. the nudist beach is passed the 2nd stone wall.


Photo cred - blogue.gaspesiejetaime

Plage de Boom Défense


Although this isn't the most popular spot on this list, those who go there swear by it. Just make sure to walk far passed the "clothed" section of the beach.


Plage de Cap-aux-Oies


Located in a tiny bay in the Saint-Laurent river, this beach actually has salty water. It has a 1 km long stretch exclusively reserved for nudists who have been flocking there for the last 25 years. Just make sure to arrive early because parking is very limited.


For more information on the nudist community in Quebec check out their website.

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