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A Harry Potter Store Is Opening 90 Mins From Montreal & It's Like A Wizard’s Wonderland

From wands, cloaks to all sorts of Hogwarts gear. They've got it all! 🧙🪄

Harry Potter store located in Drummondville, Quebec.

Harry Potter store located in Drummondville, Quebec.

Harry Potter fans rejoice! A brand new store with all things wizards, witches and warlocks is opening only 90 minutes from Montreal.

Sorcière et Magie will officially open its doors on September 10, in Drummondville, Quebec, and invites you to discover its enchanted products. "Awaken your inner magic in a unique universe totally dedicated to the world of witchcraft. Designed to satisfy all age groups, you will live a fantastic experience in a magical shop environment," the store's website states.

MTL Blog spoke with the store owner, Maggie Leroux, who shared the bewitching items you'll be able to find. "As far as products are concerned, it goes from wands to clothes, all sorts of objects, mugs, school items, posters, and figurines," Leroux said.

There are undoubtedly lots more Harry Potter items to get your Ravenclaws on, but Maggie didn't want to give away too much! The idea came to fruition after Maggie watched a documentary about finding your bliss, which clearly resonated with her. Maggie's bliss? Harry Potter.

After dealing with all legalities and licensing, Leroux was given the green light to sell exclusively licensed Harry Potter products here in Quebec.

The boutique is quaint. And while it doesn't measure up to the Hogwarts experience at Universal Studios, the magic is still alive and well at Sorcière et Magie.

Sorcière et Magie

When: September 10, 2022

Address: 755, boul. René-Lévesque, Drummondville, QC


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