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MINISO Will Open A $2+ Discount Store In Montreal 'Soon' & Here's What To Expect (PHOTOS)

The discount-style stores opened in Ontario and BC first.

MINISO store.

MINISO store.

Step aside Dollarama, MINISO is coming through. The Chinese retailer announced a new "$2$ Plus" concept at the re-opening of its Vaughan Mills store in the Greater Toronto Area. The store underwent a major refurbishment and the revamp heralds MINISO's new cost-effective direction, which is what sparked the brand's all-new dollar store-like concept to begin with.

MINISO stated that the inspiration behind its new thrifty shopping experience is, in fact, from the much-loved dollar store — all as a way to provide customers with a more diverse product range for less.

"Ever since we first set foot in Canada in 2017, our ambition has been to provide customers with well-designed products at reasonable prices, as well as enjoyable shopping experiences, and the '$2 Plus' concept is our way of further realizing this," commented Bella Tu, General Manager of MINISO Overseas Operations.

In an October 4 press release, MINISO stated that one of the many reasons behind the new economical concept is the rising cost of well...everything. "As inflationary pressures grow, MINISO's long-standing Chinese supply chain capabilities ensure customers, who are increasingly cost-conscious, can rely on the '$2 Plus' model for quality, affordable, design-led products today and into the future," the Chinese retailer stated.

The Vaughan Mills store is one of the first of four stores to be refashioned for the new "$2 Plus" concept. MINISO also rolled out their cost-effective concept at their Scarborough, Markham and Vancouver locations. Hold up! What about Montreal?

Although Montrealers will have to wait a bit longer before getting our very own "$2 Plus" store — rest assured it is coming. "The remaining MINISO stores in Canada are slated to undergo similar makeovers soon," MINISO said.

Here are a few of the $2 Plus items currently being sold at MINISO:

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