A Laval Woman Is 'In Shock' After Her Car Was Stolen & Used In A Bonkers Ontario Mall Robbery

The stolen car drove INTO the shopping mall.

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Taylor-Anna Kobinger. Right: A stolen vehicle being used in a robbery at Vaughan Mills mall in Ontario.

Taylor-Anna Kobinger. Right: A stolen vehicle being used in a robbery at Vaughan Mills mall in Ontario.

Taylor-Anna Kobinger, York Police | Twitter

A Laval woman got the shock of her life on Wednesday morning after discovering her stolen vehicle was used in a shopping mall robbery at Vaughan Mills in Ontario.

The incident occurred in the early morning when the person behind the wheel of a 2011 black Audi A4 drove through the mall doors and entered the shopping centre. The vehicle drove past countless stores before two suspects got out and robbed one.

The Audi belonged to Taylor-Anna Kobinger of Laval. Kobinger spoke with Narcity Canada, saying that she'd been trying to sell her car on Facebook Marketplace and that it was then stolen from her by someone who had come to test drive it on Sunday, January 29.

Kobinger said that a man had requested a second test drive to "make sure everything's fine," which is when things went totally south. "He didn't seem sketchy at first," Kobinger said. However, Vaughan Mills' security cameras say otherwise.

"He started driving aggressively," she added. Kobinger eventually asked the driver to pull over in a park area where they would complete the transaction. After getting out of the car to remove the license plate, the driver ran back into the car and sped off.

"He didn't even have both feet inside the car, the doors were open. He pressed with his right foot and he just left," said Kobinger. "I tried to catch it [the door handle] back but then I fell [...] And he kicked the car for the doors to close by themselves."

Kobinger had heard nothing over the course of the next three days until she got a call from York Regional Police, who informed her that a vehicle matching the description of one she'd put up for sale along with her Quebec license plate had been involved in a robbery at the Ontario shopping mall.

"Never in my life have I thought that I would see my car in an actual mall," Kobinger told Narcity. "To see all the damage that they did to it is quite hurtful. But at least the first thing I thought is that I'm glad that nobody was hurt."

"I'm still in shock," she said. "I still can't believe it."

Now, Kobinger has to drive to Vaughan, which is 16 kilometres north of Toronto, in order to get her car back.

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