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A Montreal Police Chase Down Décarie Expressway Is Going Viral On Tiktok & Commenters Have Jokes

It looks straight out of a movie or a GTA mission, said many.

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Three people run from a single police officer in Montreal. Right: The officer falls over while the people continue to run.

Three people run from a single police officer in Montreal. Right: The officer falls over while the people continue to run.

A viral TikTok that went up on January 15 shows a Montreal police officer chasing a group of three people down the Décarie Expressway as traffic piles up behind them. One of the people being chased is seen holding a jacket and what seems like a gym bag. An officer grabs hold of one of them before falling to the ground as dozens of drivers watch in the background.

The video ends with the runners seeming to continue their escape unscathed while the officer pursues them on foot.

According to Sûreté du Québec (SQ), the people running include an 18-year-old, a 19-year-old and a minor. They were fleeing from SQ officers after having robbed a cell phone store and had taken to the road in a car heading towards Montreal before being stopped by the SQ and the SPVM.

After this, an SQ spokesperson told MTL Blog, the three began running on foot down the expressway — that's the clip we see in the TikTok. The two adults involved in the crime have been charged with robbery, fleeing the scene and dangerous conduct and must appear in court in the coming weeks.

For what it's worth, this car chase did in fact fit Canada's legal definition of a "police chase:" the three were driving a motor vehicle, pursued by a cop in a vehicle who asked them to stop, they did not stop, and instead deliberately attempted to outrun the police. These are the ingredients for a true police chase, so keep them in mind next time you hear sirens behind you. TL;DR, you're probably fine.

TikTokers were quick to make their own theories and jokes about this particular police chase, despite having absolutely zero context for what was happening at the time.

The top comment reads, "guy finally got caught in Toronto running down the 401," riffing on the lack of escape from the Montreal highway that eventually leads to Ontario.

Another user noticed that the leftmost figure actually waves at the camera partway through the video. "Le patnais a dit 'allo' à la caméra," they wrote (the guy said hi to the camera),

"These guys think life is a GTA mission," another user wrote.

You can watch the full video here:


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    Willa Holt
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