A List Of The New Rules In Quebec Being Put In Place As Of Monday

Say bye-bye to your big holiday parties...

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A List Of The New Rules In Quebec Being Put In Place As Of Monday

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant in La Belle Province seems to have the provincial government nervous — nervous enough to impose new rules in Quebec and go back on past promises for the holiday season.

As announced at a press conference on Thursday, December 16, starting on Monday, December 20, "high-risk activities" like dancing, karaoke, and office parties are yet again going to be "forbidden" in the province.

And the new rules don't stop there. A whole lot of establishments in the province will be forced to go down to 50% capacity.

Restaurants and bars are only permitted to have 50% capacity starting Monday.

Stores, theatres and venues will also be down to half capacity on December 20.

The same will be applied to cinemas and other public events or performances where people must stay seated and masked except to eat or drink.

As for places of worship, they will now require a vaccine passport to enter, along with seeing their capacity go down to 50% or a maximum of 250 people. You won't need a vaccine passport for a wedding or a funeral though, so long as there aren't more than 25 people present.

Starting December 20, all sport tournaments and competitions will be suspended.

On this same day, gyms will have to reduce their capacity by half as well. All people present in gyms will yet again have to practice 2-metre physical distancing.

And since Christmas is only five days away, it's important to note that the plan the provincial government announced on December 7 to allow as many as 20 fully vaccinated people at private gatherings for the holidays is no longer a thing.

Due to the presence of the Omicron variant, only a maximum of 10 people or occupants from three households are allowed to attend an indoor private gathering.* And it's going to stay that way for the next little while, including for Christmas and NYE.

* This article was updated.

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