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A Montreal Ski School Is Hiring & You Could Earn Up To $30 An Hour Skiing Or Snowboarding

You don't even need to speak French!

A snow-covered person enjoying the slopes. Right, a group of ski instructors pose together.

A snow-covered person enjoying the slopes. Right, a group of ski instructors pose together.

Courtesy of Rod Roy Ski School.

The Rod Roy Ski School, a more than 50-year-old institution teaching skiing at all levels, is hiring new instructors as well as support staff for the 2023 winter season. If you're a strong skier with good interpersonal skills and an interest in teaching, this could be the role for you.

The travelling snow school has operated since 1962, when it was founded by a longtime high school teacher named (prepare yourself) Rod Roy. Since its founding, the school has been admitted into two halls of fame for ski instruction: the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Hall of Fame and the Laurentian Ski Museum Hall of Fame.

Working as an instructor involves four hours of teaching time per day during the six-week season, which lasts from January to mid-February. Instructors can choose to work Saturdays, Sundays or both. Although you do have to be a competent skier or snowboarder, there's no other experience necessary to apply — the relevant training will take place for instructors in December.

For less experienced instructors, the pay scale starts at $20 per hour. Depending on your experience and certification level, you could earn up to $30 per hour, according to director Cameron Roy.

If you're not a huge skier (yet!) but you're still interested in hitting the slopes and getting paid, there are also opportunities opening up for support staff, specifically bus supervisors. These roles involve meeting a transport bus in the city, taking attendance and supervising the students on board.

As support staff, you'd receive a daily allowance starting at $25 per day. Once you've reached the hill and your children are being instructed, those four hours belong to you. "Once you are at the hill," Roy explained, "you are free to ski or ride until it's time to hop on the bus at the end of the day."

It's a great opportunity to improve your snow sports skills while also bringing home a little something for your bank account. To apply for a job as an instructor or support staff, you can visit or contact Roy at

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