A Quebec Lotto Max Jackpot Winner Is Donating Part Of His Fortune To Help House Autistic Adults

It's a $7 million dollar donation in total!

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Marcel Lussier receives his giant cheque for just over $70,000,000.

Marcel Lussier receives his giant cheque for just over $70,000,000.

When Marcel Lussier of Montérégie won just over $70,000,000 in the June 2022 Lotto Max jackpot draw, he told Loto-Québec he had "71 million plans for the future." One of these plans has revealed itself to be a "historic" donation of $7,000,000 to autism advocacy organization the Véro & Louis Foundation, which is planning to build two new houses for autistic adults with this new influx of money.

Lussier is happy with his decision, saying he's glad "to be able to contribute positively to the mission of the Véro & Louis," and emphasizing via press release that "this seven million will be put to good use." The eponymous co-founders Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette added their appreciation for the donation, which is helping their "dream of being able to offer Véro & Louis Homes all over Quebec" become a reality.

The two co-founders termed Lussier's donation a gesture of "amazing solidarity." The money will help the foundation, alongside the CIUSSS of Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec, "create research opportunities which will make it possible to improve knowledge and practices helping autistic people achieve their full potential," according to the CIUSSS' chair and deputy CEO Nathalie Boisvert.

Lussier's donation comes from a place of experience, as he identifies himself as a grandfather "intimately affected by autism," and the two permanent homes to be built using his donation will provide long-term, adaptive housing for autistic adults aged 21 and over in the Mauricie, Centre-du-Québec and Laurentides regions.

With the support of three Quebec universities, the Véro & Louis Foundation says the new homes will support many more autistic adults in Quebec, meeting their needs while furthering research to improve the quality of life of autistic Quebecers across the province.

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