A Quebec Moving Company Posted A Hilarious Offer To Help Those Influencers Stuck In Mexico

They've been banned from at least three airlines.

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A Quebec Moving Company Posted A Hilarious Offer To Help Those Influencers Stuck In Mexico

It seems some of those Quebec Sunwing plane partiers are now stuck in Mexico. Banned from at least three airlines and allegedly failing to fake negative PCR tests, some of the "Ostrogoths" are now scrambling to get back to Canada — at least according to Instagram gossip accounts.

Now, a Quebec moving company is jokingly offering to help. In an ad mocking the stranded influencers, Déménagement Le Clan Panneton says its expertise makes it capable of making the 5,823-kilometre trek from Mexico to Quebec. (It's a 61-hour drive according to Google Maps.)

TVA reports that the ad even appeared in the Journal de Montréal.

"We move your furniture to Mexico!" the ad reads. The extraordinary undertaking, the company says, is part of its new "Ostrogoth sans-dessein" special, referring, of course, to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's tirade against the wayward group of Quebecers.

Customers who take advantage of the deal could even win a free selfie stick, the ad promises. Iconcludes with an apology in Spanish to Mexicans on behalf of Quebec "for sending you these rude gringos."

The fine print warns that Le Clan Panneton won't move furniture in exchange for exposure on influencers' social media pages.

At least one other company is capitalizing on the frenzy of ridicule for the Sunwing partiers. Local burger chain La Belle et La Boeuf advertised a joke "influencer burger," a monstrosity with ingredients such as "gros piment" and "gros jambon" — both of which can mean something akin to "big idiot."

In addition to becoming the butt of jokes, the partiers are now subject to a federal investigation that could land them thousands of dollars in fines if they're found to have committed an offence.

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The government requires travellers to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of a flight departing for Canada.

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Remember the Sunwing party flight drama? Well, the trip may be over, but the media frenzy definitely isn't. On Thursday, January 27, James William Awad, founder of 111 Private Club, held a press conference to address the questions that have been on people's minds — and to slam certain airlines.

The party flight organizer started the conference by calling out Sunwing, Air Transat and Air Canada for "abandoning" 154 Quebecers in Mexico. The contract promised a flight back, Awad said, which some influencers were not given in the end.

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